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If you have no idea about what is the use of the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect website? And how to make use of the website to connect to other people while playing Minecraft with other people that precisely set up the cross-play engine on their pc or How to solve the cross-play error? If the aka.ms/remoteconnect site is not working. This article contains all about aka.ms/remoteconnect website and how to enjoy the cross-play engine with your buddies and other Minecraft people.

What is Aka.ms/RemoteConnect?

https://aka.ms/remoteconnect website enables people to play Minecraft at home with other people with devices except for their one. Aka.ms/remoteconnect site makes smooth playing Minecraft on PS4, Nintendo Switch. However, to play on any non-Microsoft device, users must register and log in with a free Microsoft account to play other people on their devices with Microsoft devices.

Microsoft lets Minecraft players playing on various devices such as the PS4, Switch, a Windows PC and Mac or even on smartphone Android or iOS devices to be able to play with their colleagues who have the Minecraft game installed on their Xbox One or Xbox 360 with their free Microsoft account login.

How to Fix https //aka.ms/remoteconnect Microsoft Sign in Bug in Minecraft

Fixing the https //aka.ms/connect Microsoft bug is really easy. All you have to do is need the Code to gain access.

But what is the code actually?

I know you have tried the codes and free DLC’s and it didn’t go on that well.

Don’t worry, in this guide, you will know about the code access also.

Here are the ways to fix https //aka.ms remote connect sign in Minecraft Error:

1. Use the Microsoft Sign in Code From Minecraft

As I said, The Minecraft error code is only seen on PS4 accounts. If you have a fresh Microsoft account then, you will need a couple of tries to access the game. You will also see the Microsoft Sign in Error Code.

Go to the Microsoft Code access page and bookmark the page using a mobile or PC. Then Open the Minecraft Error Message display and note down the code. Copy the code and paste it on the Microsoft page on another device. This method is known as the Brute force method.

Once you are done with the code entry, you will get access to Microsoft and be able to visit the Minecraft Store.

You can also get Microsoft Coupon Codes on certain websites as well.

2. Delete the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Date

Go to settings > System Settings > Storage > Game storage and you will see that there are two game data files of Minecraft. You have to delete these two-game files and start afresh.

If you see the codes again then try performing step-1.

3. Create a Brand New Microsoft Account

If you recently switched your device and faced this problem then it’s mainly because of the Microsoft account. The Microsoft Account that you have been using on Xbox seems to conflict with the PS4.

So, in order to fix the https //aka ms remoteconnect issue, you need to create a brand new Microsoft account just in the same way you did while playing on XBOX. Just use the remote access feature to easily fix https //aka.ms remoteconnect bug.

You can also download the Minecraft Texture packs from the Minecraft store to fix this problem. But the question is, will you be able to visit the store? I guess no. So I think this step is the most 100% efficient step to fix aka.ms remoteconnect Sign in error in Minecraft Ps4 Bedrock Edition.