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The Bill of Rights

Recently, an Upstate South Carolina municipality found itself at the center of a First Amendment controversy when someone identifying himself as “Trey Citizen” conducted what is referred to as a “First Amendment Audit” — an activity or series of activities designed to see what response occurs when free speech rights are tested.

Varner and Segura’s Grant Varner sat down with a media outlet in an attempt to explain the nuances of this First Amendment Audit, but it is not a subject that lends itself well to sound bites.

The 45-minute interview was condensed in to 25 seconds, and the resulting broadcast story did not accurately reflect Varner’s complete statement or the rules of law as they applied in this case.

The day after the story aired, Grant was invited to join Joey Hudson and Martine Wilder on UPSTATE LIVE to discuss the controversy on 94.5 The Answer, to take calls from listeners, and to try to clear confusion created from boiling a constitutional explanation in to a single paragraph.

The radio program is available HERE, and we encourage anyone who has an interest in this case to listen to the show in its entirety.

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PHOTO CREDIT: “The Bill of Rights” by Ted Mielczarek (July 29, 2012) / Distributed Under Creative Commons.

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