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Let's Get a Divorce Do-It-Yourself Kit


Prenuptial (prenup) agreements are recognized in South Carolina, and they can protect assets in cases of divorce, but they aren’t always as solid as people might believe – especially if they are not prepared correctly.

If someone finds a template for an agreement online or drafts something homemade and informal without the proper documentation, there is a distinct possibility that a court could dismiss it.

Attorney Grant Varner advises his clients to bring in a complete listing of protectable assets prior to the date of marriage. This includes real estate, automobiles, investments, bank accounts (with balances), businesses, and anything else someone wants to protect. Then, both parties can begin working to create a premarital agreement, but “it needs to be signed off on by all parties to have a chance of making it (stand up in court).”

In a future video, Grant will explain the differences between this type of agreement and a marital agreement that can be entered in to during the marriage.



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