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Whether minors should be allowed to drink alcohol if they’re with their parents has become a hot topic after 20 year-old Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, otherwise known as “Johnny Football,” was photographed by TMZ this past weekend at a bar, holding a bottle of Dom Perignon with his mom.

In Texas, minors can drink alcohol, “In the visible presence of the minor’s adult parent, guardian or spouse.” But in South Carolina, minors drinking in public anytime won’t fly.

The law does say minors can drink alcohol legally, if they get it from their own parents at home, or for religious purposes.

Students older than 18 but under 21 can taste beer, wine or liquor if it’s part of their legitimate school curriculum. And 21-year-olds and older can share alcohol with their under 21-year-old spouse, but only at home.

Giving minors alcohol at bars or restaurants, or giving alcohol to other people’s kids, is illegal.

Greenville’s Phoenix Center has a strong campaign against giving minors alcohol. They claim the law is only there so parents can give alcohol to minors for religious reasons.

They warn that it’s still dangerous for young people to get into drinking before they’re ready.

Procon.org is a website that compiled the laws for all the states. A total of 40 states allow minors to drink under certain circumstances.

In North Carolina, minors can have alcohol for religious, medical or educational reasons. Georgia allows minors to drink with parents, at home or for religious or medical purposes.

Recently, a Colorado legislator proposed a bill to let parents give alcohol to their kids in public places like bars and restaurants. That’s similar to the law in Texas.

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Article written by Dana Wachter