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It’s a new year, and that means gyms are packed. It’s also a time for every gym to let you know their fitness club is the best.

“Rush Fitness Complex is the best club to choose because we are open 24/7 and cater to all family members,” said Assistant Manager Brandon Bates.

Coop’s Fitness Personal Training Director John Defendis says, “Coop’s Fitness values its members. We have the Coop’s cares membership program and Ultra Fit Training Program.”

Rush Fitness Assistant Manager Brandon Bates and Coop’s Fitness Personal Training Director John Defendis both tell Fox Carolina there are some things you need to look for in selecting a gym. “Quality program, quality trainers, quality equipment and the atmosphere,” said Defendis.  “You should meet with a fitness professional and have someone take you through a workout. You should also find out your strengths and weaknesses,” said Bates.

Greenville County Attorney Greg Varner recommends you do your homework on the perfect gym to fit you before signing up. “Read the contract,” says Varner.

He says there are several things you need to look at before signing a contract. The first thing is get everything in writing. He says if the gym plans on throwing in some free personal training sessions or tanning, make sure it’s in the contract. The second tip is to make sure you know the grace period you have ton cancel the contract. He also recommends you avoid bank drafts and pay monthly.

He says most importantly, you should know the termination policy. He says the best thing is to negotiate a deal that works best for you. “Many gyms are willing to make deals to get you to sign up, month to month, three months or six months. They will do whatever it takes to get you in the door,” said Varner.

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